Contributing Editor for Gold Wake Press

J. Michael Wahlgren recently asked me to be a contributing editor for Gold Wake Press, and I've accepted. He's published three e-chaps of my poetry in the past.

J. Michael's a very good poet, and a very good person. I'm honored he asked me to be apart of Gold Wake. A lot of very good writers have also had e-chaps published there, like J.A. Tyler, Zachary C. Bush, Howie Good, Jeff Crouch, of course J. Michael Wahlgren, and many others.

It's strange seeing things from the editorial perspective, learning more about my own writing through that of others, which I can compare using a 'traditional simile' to following my own shadow into the light ahead. It should be toward a lamppost at night, maybe, for dramatic effect.


Eric Beeny said...
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Eric Beeny said...

That was corny, "following my own shadow..." That was stupid. You're silly.

Molly Gaudry said...

Congrats on becoming an editor!