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Glass, the Wall's Ghost III
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Glass, the Wall's Ghost

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Review of Lepers and Mannequins
by Michael Allen Rose @ his blog
(April '12)

Review of Lepers and Mannequins
by Spike Marlow @ her blog
(January '12)

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by Adam Robinson @ Publishing Genius's blog
(January '12)

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by Justin Grimbol @ Bizarro Central
(January '12)

Review of Watering the Fires
by David Backer @ davidbackerdigitalin-itself
(April '11)

Review of Snowing Fireflies and Of Creatures
by Amber Sparks @ Vouched
(April '11)

Review of Of Creatures
by Spencer Dew @ decomP
(March '11)

Review of Snowing Fireflies
by J.A. Tyler @ Red Fez
(January '11)

"The Feather, an Optical Sorrow," a poem from Of Creatures,
featured @ Verse Daily
(January '11)

Ken Sparling lists "Everything by Eric Beeny" in his favorite reads of 2010
@ Big Other
(December '11)

Review of Of Creatures
by Nick Ripatrazone @ his blog
(December '10)

Review of Of Creatures
by Jessi Graustein @ Greystone Lodge
(December '10)

Review of Snowing Fireflies
by Steve Roggenbuck @
(December '10)

Review of Snowing Fireflies
by Jessica Maybury @ decomP
(November '10)

Best of the Web 2011 Nomination
"The Shell of Reflection"
published in A-Minor Magazine

Best of the Net 2010 Nomination
"Model Airplanes"
published in Emprise Review

Best of the Net 2010 Nomination
"Snowing Fireflies"
published in Willows Wept Review

Review of Snowing Fireflies
by Renee Emerson @ PANK
(September '10)

Review of Snowing Fireflies
by Glen Binger @ The Broad Set
(September '10)

Review of Snowing Fireflies
by Mel Bosworth @ Outside Writers
(June '10)

Write-Up of Snowing Fireflies
@ Daily s-Press
(August '10)

Sneak-Peak Coverage of Snowing Fireflies
by Casey Murphy @ Folded Word
(May '10)

Review of "Graveyard Pharmaceuticals"
Living Poetry
(October '05)

Praise for Snowing Fireflies

"A quaint and mysterious little collection that balances the unreal and real. Eric Beeny writes with a child-like wonder, resulting in powerful surreal images, and a yearning for human connection. It's a satisfying balancing act that I enjoyed immensely. I'm looking forward to the next thing Eric Beeny does."
Shane Jones, author of Light Boxes (Publishing Genius, 2009; Penguin, 2010)

Praise for Of Creatures

“‘Man is a suffering delicate,’ proclaims Eric Beeny in Of Creatures, a poetry collection that circles the mind with a tentative, ticking confidence—a nervous bouquet waiting to burst...”
Mel Bosworth, author of Grease Stains, Kismet and Maternal Wisdom (Brown Paper Publishing, 2010)
Of Creatures is a delicate life-form. Its lines are inventive and brave; its stanzas surprising and strong. These poems are weighted by sadness, yet hope offers them wings.”
Molly Gaudry, author of We Take Me Apart (MudLuscious Press, 2010)
Of Creatures is the propulsion of a heart in the chest of a child […] the tender savagery that Eric Beeny has us steeping in, wet with these delicately-natured fists.”
J. A. Tyler, author of Inconceivable Wilson (Scrambler Books, 2009)

Praise for Milk Like a Melted Ghost

“One of the more impressive small press titles I've read in a long time. Beeny's control of imaginative image blending is on a level I've never seen. It's a book that moves the way more books ought to move in my opinion, unapologetically from one scape to another. The blur of it all will explode with clarity in your memory.”
Darby Larson, author of The Iguana Complex (Nephew, 2011)
Milk Like a Melted Ghost makes a journey toward silence. Clarabelle is maybe the imaginary friend of Wittgenstein's Mistress. Sometimes Milk seems like a poem and other times like a collection of notes for a diabolically surrealist puppet show. I highly recommend it.”
Christopher Higgs, author of The Complete Works of Marvin K. Mooney (Sator Press, 2010)

Praise for Pseudo-Masochism

Pseudo-Masochism blends bodies together—sexually, cognitively, playfully—to express insecurities, joys, and hopes. The word weapons in Beeny’s arsenal are on full display here...”
Mel Bosworth, author of Grease Stains, Kismet and Maternal Wisdom (Brown Paper Publishing, 2010)
“...Beeny’s hand is steady and delicate and writes with penmanship that punctures like a tattoo artist’s needle. This collection made me want to tell someone, everyone, that they are worthy of love—my hands shaking their shoulders.”
xTx, author of Nobody Trusts a Black Magician (Nonpress, 2009)
“[Pseudo-Masochism] ... speaks to the difficulties of sexual intimacy, any sort of intimacy, and maybe just intimacy with himself. Eric Beeny is a goddamn delight.”
Brandi Wells, co-author of the chapbook collective Fox Force 5 (Paper Hero Press, 2010)



Mel Bosworth reads "Altruistic Narcissism."

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