New Piece in Tuesday Shorts (R.I.P.)

I have a new piece, "Goosebump Braille," up at Tuesday Shorts, along with pieces by Crispin Best and Howie Good. Unfortunately, this is the last issue of Tuesday Shorts. It's sad, one less creative outlet for writers to stick their fingers into.


Charles Lennox said...

No more Tuesday Shorts? That stinks.

Eric Beeny said...

No, all gone. It's sad. I liked your piece in it, Charles.

Crispin Best said...

i had no idea it was the last one
i feel honoured

are you going to be the first person to appear in abjective twice?

good luck in blake's contest

Eric Beeny said...

Hi Crispin, I'm honored, too.

I really like your blog, and you writing. I'm going to link to you, if that's cool.

I think Audri Sousa also has a second piece forthcoming in Abjective.

Thanks for the good wishes. Be well...

Crispin Best said...

so it's a race
good luck

kind of 'weird', though
since i had just discovered audri's blog for the first time when i commented on yours yesterday...

thanks for kind kindness
let me know if any year catches your eye

Eric Beeny said...

That is weird. I'm actually not entirely sure if Audri has another piece coming out in Abjective -- I based that assumption on a bio I saw with her poem in the new Robot Melon. I'm not sure if that bio was written before her piece in Abjective was published.

I'll check out For Every Year. Thanks.

And good luck to you, too, in the contest.