"A Field of Colors" by Charles Lennox

I just got my copy of "A Field of Colors" by Charles Lennox, and it's one of the best things I've read in a long time. J.A. Tyler was right about how "fantastically explosive" it was. It's surrealism at its best, or should I say magical realism? The images are crisp and clear (dare I say it: imaginative), delicately developed and precisely executed, to use formal jargon.

This piece is short and strange, and the segments which break it up are more like chapters of a poetic novel, a flash-novel, if the term flash fiction can here be appropriated. This is how the American novel should be written -- at least, the kind I want to read.


Charles Lennox said...

I'm overjoyed by your thoughts on this. I think you've coined a new genre: flash-novel. I like that.

Eric Beeny said...

I keep rereading this. It just gets gooder and gooder. You've done something great here, Charles.