The Inaugural Issue of U.M.Ph.! Prose

The inaugural issue of U.M.Ph.! Prose is up, and it includes another chapter / story of The Immortals Act Their Age called "Gang Prevention: Canceled."


Charles Lennox said...

Congrats. You're publishing like crazy. But slow down some. I haven't had a chance to read everything yet.

j. a. tyler said...

nice work. I like the short phrases in this. congrats.

Eric Beeny said...

Thanks, Charles. I know, all these things just came out around the same time, like 5 in the past few days. I probably won't have anything come out for a while, let alone see anything accepted.

Thanks, J. This was an older draft, which I've since revised. Reading it again, there's lots of mistakes in phrasing I'm surprised I didn't catch when I originally submitted it.