The Summer Issue of Ghoti Magazine

The summer issue of Ghoti is up, and it includes a chapter from The Immortals Act Their Age called "Tour Guides." There's lots of great ice cream in this issue, as well a review of Shane Jones' Light Boxes, which I'm sad to say I still haven't read. I can't even afford books for my classes. I just saw there's also a review of Charles Lennox's phenomenal MLP chap A Field of Colors. Peep it.


audri said...

i love the way nothing and no one is almost like a character, a personality in 'tour guides'. and the 'rusted sunflower' is such a great image.

Eric Beeny said...

Nothing (or [n]othing) is definitely a character in the novel. I'm happy you liked the rusted sunflower image. I liked it myself. Thanks, Audri.