Unscroll #3 is Live

Unscroll #3 is alive and breathing, featuring work from Andrew Borgstrom, Michael Bernstein, a dope experimental piece by Jeff Crouch, Alex Stolis, a disturbingly comfortable poem by David Peak, Eric Burke, Jeanette Marie Sayers, a wonderful excerpt from Flowing in the Gossamer Fold, a novel by Ben Spivey, and a prose poem by the one and only Audri Sousa. We're also honored to have an excerpt from A Death by the Sea, a novel by elimae editor Cooper Renner. Peep it. There's a lot of great work in this issue, and Jared and I thank all of those who submitted...

Also, please check out a new e-book of poultry (chicken-shit scribblings), Gargling Cinderblocks. What the hey. I used to self-publish lots of things in printed chapbook form, and just hand them out at readings, even if I wasn’t reading. This collection is a couple years old. As with my other poultry, these are mostly socio-political in nature, but also deal with religion. Sounds fun. The titles are all portmanteaus.

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