Mel Bosworth Reads Things

Mel Bosworth read a piece of poultry, "Altruistic Narcissism," for his new YouTube project, Mel Bosworth Reads Things. He was kind enough to ask me to send him something, and I'm big honored to take part. I made a mistake when sending it to him, though. In my haste and excitement, I mistakenly told Mel it was published in 32 Poems, but it was actually published in Nuthouse. I feel silly. Anyway, check it out, and check out Mel's other readings at his channel here. This piece of poultry kicks off a new self-published e-book called Crashing the Party. It's got a lot of pieces that originally appeared in print, and some extras. Word...


Anonymous said...

Excellent. Mel B's project is badass.

Thanks for your post about my msnbc thing. Yeah, I thought it was a hoax when they e-mailed me. My wife remains unimpressed but my son was happy to spot our basement in the interview.

Eric Beeny said...

No doubt, Mel himself is badass, too. Mel Bosworth Reads Things is a fantastic idea.

I’d also think that email was a hoax. It's okay that your wife is unimpressed, though, because it'll keep you working harder to impress her, evolutionarily speaking, by doing what you love to do.

That would be amazing, being so young and to see parts of your house on television. Not only that but seeing my dad, I’d’ve flipped. I was on this Public Access show here in Buffalo once reading a poem, and when I showed the tape to my daughter she was in awe. She loves watching old videos of one of her birthday parties, or of us singing the Thomas and Friends theme at the playground when she was 2 or 3. Good times…

Anonymous said...

Yeah, man, the Reads Things project is really cool. It's one of those things I go...wait, why aren't more people doing that on Youtube? I guess that's when you know something is a good idea, when you immediately think that?

Heh, indeed, I will keep working harder and harder. Stories like "Ground" do little to impress though. :) I did work in the Jersey reference, which is good, as she hails from the Garden State.

That's so cool about your daughter seeing you on TV. I need to do a better job with the camcorder. For our son we always had it out. Now with him and our daughter, not so much. He does love watching himself as a baby/younger child. Keeps claiming "that's not me!"

Thanks again for the kind words and checking out my new pieces. Great to be in touch. David

Eric Beeny said...

Hi David,

Mel really hit the nail on the head, for lack of a better expression. I liked "My Son the Rabbi" a lot, too.

That's good you're at least incorporating aspects of your wife's life into your work. That should certainly count for something.

I have just one daughter, and I couldn't imagine having another, let alone a son. You're a brave, brave man. My daughter's extremely smart and well-mannered/behaved, but I still have my work cut out for me. Her mom and I aren’t together anymore, which makes it even harder.

It's natural to look back and think, "No, that can't be me." I'm a recovering alcoholic, and looking back four years, I don't see how that 'me' could possibly have been 'me.' It's hard to reconcile the changes we make, even those we make for the better.