Southpaw #3 / Gold Wake Press Anthology Vol. 1 / Long-Lost Poems

Southpaw Journal #3 is now out, and it contains a chapter from The Immortals Act Their Age called "Paperweight" (thank you, Simon...). I'm big looking forward to receiving the print copy soon. And of course, I've just come up with a better way to end the story: "Errol sighed, licked his lips."

Also, Gold Wake Press has just released Chronology, Volume 1, an anthology of work from the archives. There's lots of great stuff here, and Jared and I are big happy with this work. Word.

Also, I just found this. It's five poems published in 2004, in what I guess turned out to be Poetic Inhalation's final issue. I'd forgotten about it, thought I'd never see these again because I couldn't find the site after it 'folded.' Neat.

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