'Promotional Giveaway' / Some Things I Like

My chapbook Snowing Fireflies will be released soon from Folded Word Press, and I’m having a little giveaway. To anyone who purchases a signed copy of Snowing Fireflies, I will send two things: 1) a promotional postcard with the cover of Snowing Fireflies on one side and 2) another small chapbook called Children. This small chapbook will be 'self-published', and will consist of 10 pieces from what I hope will someday comprise a novel called Children. These pieces might be really just awful, but they might okay, too.

Here are some things I like because I've read them, and some other things I'm looking forward to reading, and a video:

Mel Bosworth’s novella Grease Stains, Kismet and Maternal Wisdom is available for preorder from Aqueous Books, and his novel, Freight, will be out from Folded Word Press in 2011.

Ethel Rohan’s collection Cut Through the Bone is forthcoming from Dark Sky Books, and her collection Hard to Say is forthcoming from PANK’s Little Books Series.

Audri Sousa’s collection Caspian Quilt is available from Bedouin Books.

Matt Bell's collection How They Were Found is available for preorder from Keyhole Press.

Ben Spivey’s novel Flowing in the Gossamer Fold is available for preorder, and Blue Square Press, founded by Ben and David Peak, has opened up for submissions.

David Peak's novel, The Rocket's Red Glare is available from Leucrota Press, and his poetry colletion, Surface Tension, is available from BlazeVox Books.

Jason Jordan’s collections Cloud and Other Stories and Powering the Devil’s Circus are available from Six Gallery Press.

Adam Moorad’s Prayerbook was published by wtfpwm.

The Complete Works of Marvin K. Mooney by Christopher Higgs got reviewed in Gently Read Literature.

Zachary Bush's poetry collection, The Silence of Sickness, also got reviewed in Gently Read.

Ken Sparling reviewed Sasha Fletcher’s When Our Days Are Numbered in the new elimae.

Jordan Castro reviewed Tao Lin’s novel, Richard Yates, at The Nervous Breakdown.

Steve Roggenbuck made this video about veganism and animal cruelty.


Jason Jordan said...

Thanks for the shout-out, Eric. I look forward to SF.

Eric Beeny said...

Thanks, Jason...