Here is something I wrote in my notebook yesterday while bored before class, the first day of fall semester:
People enter their own lives and laugh because there is no such thing as humor, which means not even laughing is funny. We invent things to laugh at because nothing funny exists in nature. We laugh because there is nothing to laugh at, which means we only want to be funny, which means funny doesn't exist, which means we are not funny, which is something we don’t want to kid around about. We have kids because we forget how to laugh even though we invented laughing as a way to survive, which means we exist and always forget what we’ve already thought of, which means we never thought of it, which means we don’t think, which means we exist for nothing which is pretty funny when you think about it.
Later, I wrote this:
Outside one another we pretend to believe in empathy. To believe in empathy we must imagine ourselves as us—to imagine we are ourselves we must learn to know one another so we'll know exactly what and how to pretend we're not.
Thank you. I like comedy movies.

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