'Watering the Fires'

I've 'rereleased' a self-published e-chap of poetry called Watering the Fires. The poems are socio-political in nature, something I don't see very much of in poetry these days—at least, not overtly. The poems are, in many ways, 'radical liberal', as in this poem:

(originally published in HazMat Review)

Letting your children join the armed forces,
you might as well hold the hunting rifle yourself,
shove them off into the woods

while you chase after their memories
pumping round after blind round
practically sawing trees in half

and if even you hit one you couldn’t
hear a scream from that far away

and like when you did all your shopping
at discount department store chains
you’d pick a designated rendezvous point

so when whoever makes it out alive
comes back you can say,
Oh, thank God . . . I missed you.

And poems like the following are more so wishful thinking as reaction to ignorant, though rampant, ideological beliefs and practices of 'reactionaries':

(originally published in Nuvein)

If only all the world’s nations could
pool their people into a sixty-year orgy,

mix all the paint in the same bucket, so to speak,
where we’d whirl a thick, liquid hurricane

whose only eye is a clearly blurred sweep
of one color we’d paint our prison walls with

to calm us down when nightsticks are
just canes to support short tempers

and we’d look up to find the ceiling’s been lifted,
flung off somewhere, and we’ve turned

the sky’s limited-edition blue t-shirt inside-out,
hidden seams blossoming light beams

to blend us blind, but we’re still too busy
adjusting the tints on our rec-room monitors

to rebuild those pedestals we so often soapbox on
rather than oxing erasers around for old slates,

erasers I’ve mistaken for brushes, not just
to paint over something anyone could

say, but anything that could be said.

I have a full-length manuscript of poems like those found in Watering the Fires, called How Much the Jaw Weighs. I've had, I suppose expectedly, trouble 'placing' this manuscript (as I've had with all my manuscripts, as all writers have with their manuscripts). I'm not sure where to send it anymore. I thank you in advance for any suggestions.

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