The Medulla Review: Vol. 1 Anthology / Southpaw Journal Issue #6

The Medulla Review: Volume 1 Anthology is now available, and it includes my story "Placebo Effect" (from my unpublished novel The Immortals Act Their Age) which appeared in Issue #3.

This anthology also contains work by Margaret Walther, David S. Pointer, Heather Fowler, Alec B. Kowalczyk, Hugh Fox, Dorianne Laux, Susan Slaviero, Howie Good, Mike Finley, Laura La Hew, J. Michael Wahlgren, John Grey, John Tustin, Felicia Mitchell, Catfish McDaris, Austin S. Kodra, Changming Yuan, Richard Kostelanetz, Jon Wesick, Shome Dasgupta, Ginny Lowe Connors, Len Kuntz, Kritsin Fouquet, Anthony Beal, Andrew Ross, J.A. Tyler, Jane Flett, Sean Ulman, Robert Laughlin, Salena Casha, Adam Moorad, Justin Nicholes, Garrett Socol, Cathy Kodra, Terence Kuch, Rochelle Potkar, Stephen Muret.

Also, England's Southpaw Journal Issue #6 is out, and it contains my story "Public Privacy in Roswell, New Mexico" (also from The Immortals Act Their Age). Here is an excerpt:

He thought about [...] vaginal conditions like weather systems and what it would be like to be his penis or any penis and travel through the vagina wearing a weather balloon for a condom.

Would a vagina not recognize the approaching object as a penis and videotape the event, maybe sell the tape to the evening news as evidence that UFOs exist?

What if a penis crash-landed, scattering bits of debris right outside the vagina, on the outskirts of the vagina?

What would the farmers think?
This issue also contains work from Jake Attree, Mark Staniforth, Gregg Williard, Iain Maloney, Erik Berg, Ollie Smith, JH Martin, Sarah Stevenson and Ashley Taylor.

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