Essay on 'The Human Spirit' @The Nervous Breakdown

I wrote an essay about 'the human spirit' called "You Can Lead a Narcissist to Water" up at The Nervous Breakdown. Here are the tags: 127 Hours, adrenaline, animal instinct, animals, Aron Ralston, bombs, brain chemicals, canyons, death drive, dopamine, Earth, endorphins, evolution, fun, guns, hallucinations, humans, James Franco, mustard gas, napalm, narcissism, nuclear weapons, religion, sadomasochism, Sigmund Freud, survival mechanisms, the human spirit, the self, the soul...

Here are two other essays I wrote at The Nervous Breakdown: "'The Crazy Tagret Lady', or Why You Might Get Trampled to Death This Holiday Season" and "On the Other Side of the White Wall: A Post-Colonial Reading of Real Life."

And here are some other essays I wrote. Thank you for your time.

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