Some Recent Things

On Christmas Eve, a chapter from my unpublished novel The Immortals Act Their Age called "When and If the Body Was" was published in Flash Fire 500 (Thanks again, Bozzy…). Perfect for the season, reminds me of last Christmas when a poem of mine called “Identical Nativity Scenes” was published in Zygote in My Coffee.

Big thanks to Ken Sparling who, in a list of his favorite reads in 2010 @ Big Other, says: "Everything by Eric Beeny." Thank you, Ken... Also on his list: work by Kim Chinquee and my good friend Thomas Luckie III (both forthcoming in Broken Pencil Magazine, 2011), as well as an unpublished manuscript by Greg Gerke. Also read favorites by Norman Lock, Jamie Iredell, Scott Garson and Kevin Sampsell.

Got my grades the other day, found out I’ll be graduating. I will get my BA in English, but not until like May. So what. I still don’t know what I’m going to do now. I need to find, like, ‘work’...

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