'Lepers and Mannequins' (Eraserhead Press, 2011)

My seventh book, and first print novel (mock novel, really), Lepers and Mannequins, one of eight in this year’s New Bizarro Author Series published by Eraserhead Press, is now available at Amazon, Powell's Books and Barnes & Noble. Here is the cover, its image designed by my friend, Kenny Dumas:

In 2009, I published The Dying Bloom (e-Novel, Pangur Ban Party).

In 2010, I published two books: Snowing Fireflies (Stories, Folded Word Press) and Of Creatures (Poems, Gold Wake Press).

In 2011, I've published four books: Milk Like a Melted Ghost (e-Novel, Thumbscrews Press), Pseudo-Masochism (Sex/Love Poems, Anonymosity Press), How Much the Jaw Weighs (Political Poems, Anonymosity Press) and now Lepers and Mannequins (Novel, Eraserhead Press).

(Still unpublished novels: Trawling Oblivion, The Immortals Act Their Age, The Quarantine Ceremony, Mermaid Sackrace.)

I hope you'll consider scooping up a copy from Powell'sAmazon or Barnes & Noble. You can also rate Lepers and Mannequins on Goodreads. Thank you for reading.


Charles Lennox said...

Way to go Eric.

Eric Beeny said...

Big thanks, Charles...